Monday, 30 March 2009

My Canine Friend

He moves so swift like an arrow in flight. His sleek young body is bold and bright. Movements are graceful, his manners are not. He knows he’s cleaver! And that’s a lot! Never a dull moment since he’s been around. His laughs and chuckle are like no other sound. Breakfast is early – and always on time. But he never notices whether I have mine! Head held high, he walks with pride. Smart and elegant, with every stride. That face tells a story every day. I hope my friend is here to stay! He will stay for some time to come. And he feels just like my long lost son. He laughs and cries, he’s happy and sad! He’s a fine dog, and his name is LADD.


Toodles said...

Surely you have a real photograph of this Rough Collie!

You have taken hundreds!

Great Poem!

er said...

Nice dog,great nature - but alas his owner had ALL the photographs!

Thanks for the comment Toodles.

Toodles said...

What about the negatives?

er said...

Maybe ! Need to take a trip down memory lane,and get up in the loft!
Might scare myself though!!!!!!

Toodles said...

Select wisely,

some old negatives
and slides can be copied!

Some memories are best left in the attic!

er said...

Yep Toodles you may be right!

Time may pass,but memories "never" fade!!!!!!!

Toodles said...


Friend, listener,
silent counsellor,

Fast, loving
& faithful too,

years of friendship,
loved him so!

er said...


He talked!
You listend.

He cried!
You wept.

He smiled!
You laughed.

HE was your "Rock" when you needed him!