Wednesday, 18 March 2009

I cry inside. I need to hide My emotions Why!!!!!!!!

It’s easy to laugh. But not to cry Someone please Tell me why!!!!!!!

Not only me. Many we here. Cry in pain. And live in fear.

Fear from embracement Laughter or scorn. Just show your feelings It’s not wrong.

Time will lift that dark veil And love and kindness will prevail Our inner strength will bring us through And for ALL your help “I Thank You”


Toodles said...

This is one way
of releasing your feelings!

Toodles said...

Why the change in blog layout,colour etc

er said...

not sure !!!! will change it back,just messing about didnt like this one realy.

Anonymous said...

I suppose crying is thought of as a sign of weakness, especially in men. But I actually think it takes a REAL man to be able to cry in front of you. Tears are good. A release button. 'Crying when hurt releases pain, be it emotional or physical'

er said...

Sarah - I am NOT ashamed to say that I have cried many times in the last few months.My tears are not for pain,but for the loss of my dad a few months ago.

In my opinion Crying,Laughing,Loving are ALL emotions and need sharing !!!!!!!

Toodles said...

Its a good release!

er said...

The "Best" release toodles,I am sure that many tears have passed through your eyes in the last 10 months !!!!!!!
And YOU felt better after !!