Wednesday, 18 March 2009

A Birthday wish ( With a Difference! )

As I stand and gaze through the dazzling sun and look across rows and rows of marble. I smile to myself, and feel happy and whole but inside a feeling of emptiness. It's only been a few shot months and the heartache is still fresh and raw. Time will heel,that's all I seem to hear Yeah, I believe it,but today it's hard! If it was your birthday,I would sent you flowers maybe take you out for dinner. You would be grateful, and bold over by the thought after all that's what birthdays are for. But Today,18th March used to be a special day and it still is! but in a different way! This was my Dads birthday,great you might say, well it would have been a year ago! That's why this is a celebration with a difference a celebration of Dads life !!!!!! Sadly he died 10 months ago Gone but not forgotten R.I.P Dad,and ALL those dads around the world who have left us - but still here in spirit.


Toodles said...

His spirit is around you,
remember the great times
& the laughter
thats what he would have wanted!

er said...

Thanks Toodles - I know you right! just sometimes it's just very hard!!!

I "Know" that I am not the only one to have gone through this !!!!!