Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Old Man Of Rock

He struts his stuff across the stage. The old man of rock never shows his age. Handbags and glad rags a wonderful song Whatever he sings he can do NO wrong ! Mr Stewart a Scot by name , He’s known as Rod because of his fame . That great brogue voice like gravel and sand Makes him a hit with any band. At the Ricoh Arena we sat in awe With our hero from the 80s begging for more. We sang and screamed and danced with joy. Just like a kid with a much loved toy ! We thank you Rod for making our year For giving us pleasure for all to share. You gave us songs that will never die And in the end I had to cry.


Toodles said...

i'm jealous!

er said...

And me ! bought the tickets for the other half as a Christmas present 2007 - he performed the following summer. M said he was "Fantastic" he was her teen crush ( But ended up with ME !! )

er said...

Forgot to add,I paid for a friend to go as well !!! an expensive Christmas for me that year !!!