Saturday, 14 March 2009

The six Nations ( Nearly Over! )

The oval ball is a funny game
rough by nature,but it's all the same.
these are all our British males.
And not forgetting the two other nations!
the French and Italians try or patience.
The games today could make you weep
that's if you weren't falling asleep.
Wales took on Italy,just managed a win,
and Ireland in the end put Scotland in a spin!
Next week the nations fight it out
that's Wales and Ireland without a doubt.
England and France tomorrow will be,
a fight to the death,kick off at three.
Chabal and friends will be fired and hearty
there coming tomorrow to spoil the party!!!!
I hope and pray they pen them in,
and England come away with the "WIN"
Rugby is a sport,played with patience!
Especially when were talking of the Great "Six Nations"

1 comment:

Toodles said...

Nearly over.....

its nowover

and i cant even

taste the Green!