Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Message

The mobile vibrates
and it makes it's sound.
The supermarkets full
there's people around.

Do I answer now?
or wait till later.
I grab a drink
and buy a paper.

Away from the crowd
out in the sun.
Answer the phone
it has to be done.

A great little text
from a friend far away.
And oh,how that message
brightend my day.


paulboo said...

Answering in the supermarket is acceptable these days, mine rang once while I was in a public convenience. I answered it of course...!
The call wasn't as important as the business I was attending to...!!

er said...

Thanks for the comment Paul,it was just great to get a text from a distant Friend. Have a good weekend

toodlesg said...

Was that a distant friend or one from a distance?

er said...

Thanks "t" you know that answer? a dear friend but who lives a "Distance" away ????? - This "Friend" is
NEVER DISTANT,always there when needed !!!!!! (Friend to Friend)