Sunday, 16 May 2010

Smell those flowers?
feel the warmth of the sun.
Tread that lush green grass
there is so much more to come?

The gate swings open
and I walk inside.
A sight to behold
and there's no where to hide.

Rows of granite, black and grey
glint in that sun that shines all day.
It's Sunday morning,a day of rest.
But,for me it's the day, I like best?

My time to say thanks for the years that he gave
When I visit the cemetary,and my dads grave.
Two years have past,your memory lives on
in the flowers,the garden in them your one?

The moment has come,I open the gate
and say goodbye,it's getting late.
Untill next Sunday the aniversary date
                                                  when I'll be back to open the gate

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