Sunday, 23 May 2010

Hot Sun

Early morning, up it comes
bright and yellow with work to do?

Some like it hot?
Some like it cool?

The "Sun" don't care!!!!
It's just

Stay safe ALL - and enjoy it


paulboo said...

Two poems about the sunshine, hope we have some more of it this summer at some time; preferably at the weekends. Some painful memories too I imagine with regard to your late father but I am sure they interspersed with some very good ones too; that is the way of life, a mixed bag of feelings and emotions.

er said...

Your so right Paul,the sun and good weather makes everone "Brighter" - As for the loss of my dad,yep it's never easy (You know that!!)but as you say - that is life.We are born,we live,and then our life has to come to an end????

Enjoy the summer Paul,come what may???