Sunday, 11 April 2010

A spring in my step

The evenings are lighter!
The days are long.
The birds keep singing
their favourite song!

The sun keeps shining.
The sky is blue.
With smiles on our faces
there's plenty to do!

This warm spring evening
is coming to an end.
So it's good night from me
and all the best I send.


paulboo said...

I suppose you could add something about clear blue skies with not vapour trails now! This past Saturday was great for totally uncluttered blue sky!
Lovely poem ER.

er said...

Yeah Thanks Paul,maybe worth putting pen to paper and writing about teh last week or so with this volcano ???????
Thanks for your comment,hope your well.

er said...

should have spelt "the" - Just got Dust in my eyes.... ha ha ha

donnie said...

nice one - spring has now abandoned skye to sleet and wind

er said...

Cheers Donnie,oneday I "Will" travel to the westwern isles and see the beauty that your camera catches everyday!!!

Thanks for the comment,hope you and yours are all well.

Kind regards .... Eric