Thursday, 25 February 2010

Morning Blues

Time to sit and think?
and wonder what to do?

Time to put the kettle on
and make myself a brew.

It's another day at the coal face 
another day of grind.

So lets get that kettle boiled
while I make up my mind?

Am I very happy?
or do I make life very hard?

I just try to do the best I can
but,i'm always on my guard.

Thank God it's nearly Friday
the weekends nearly here.

Time to take some R&R
and I may even have a beer.

Thank you ALL for listening
to my hearty tales of woe.

I wish you ALL god speed
as off to work you go.  



paulboo said...

Friday has come and gone now and so has the weekend too, thinking about work again...!! Oh well, such is life...

er said...

You've got it Paul - work,work and more work ??? BUT I enjoy it,better to be busy than having time to waste.

Thanks for the comments

amateur idler said...

Oo, I really enjoyed this. It's got some depth to it. I wonder about work, too. I suppose everyone does.

er said...

Thanks for the comment amateur idler - hope you drop in again sometime?