Sunday, 21 February 2010



First we have the sunshine

Then we have the snow!

Someone please tell the weather

Where on earth to go?


We don't have icebergs

Polar bears or wolves

But plenty snow and ice

So always wearing gloves


On day the spring will come

With flowers buds and birds

The sun will open its eyes

And shine until it hurts


So keep that thought in mind

And sleep with it close to your heart

And when this snow is washed away

Our springtime will open and start...........



paulboo said...

Chin up, there are some minor signs of spring starting down here and the days are getting longer but it does seem to have been a particularly long winter this year! Or maybe this has been a real winter like we're supposed to have...??

er said...

I think you maybe right Paul,re this being what winter is all about?? Living in the midlands we dont see a lot of snow,and when it arrives everything "Stops". Mind you I did live the fisrt 12 years of my life in Norhumberland,and winters there were very much like what we have just had!!!!!!

But as you say,nights are getting lighter,days seem longer and the sun is poking through now and then.