Sunday, 6 June 2010

Broken Body!


(Man flu or Not!!!)



Heart beat echoes,

Like a banging drum.

Pulse is racing

Is there more to come!


Head is pounding

Hot or Cold!

Throat is raw, like broken glass

Hope this pain not going to last!


Is it a fever!

Is it a cold!

Is it anything!

Or am I getting old!


The pain will go

The fever will pass

I'm not ill!

Just look in the glass!


The glass is empty

The potion is gone

I'm feeling better

The body's not wrong!




paulboo said...

I think you must be fully recovered by now, it's taken me so long to look at your stuff!

er said...

Yep,thanks mate ... getting ready for the next run of colds and "Man Flu" as the autum draws near! Hope you are enjoying the summer so far!!!!