Sunday, 6 June 2010



Just let it go!


                ALONE, on this autumn morn.

Wind in the trees, sun in the sky.

Shadows dance on marble stones

And still we wonder why!


Leaves swirl, cones drop.

It's not cold,

It's autumn!

Colours flash by my eyes, so bold!


Heart oval, square and round.

Gifts, tokens of love.

Adorn this ground.

For you and I too see.


I know I ask this question why!

There is NO answer,

NO reason.

Just let it go.

And say "Goodbye"



paulboo said...

Nice one ER.
Autumn is almost upon us again, already some leaves are falling, no doubt due to the dry summer. Time passes too quickly sometimes.

er said...

Thanks for the comment Paul,it's been a strange year weather wise? I rely on the weather a lot in my job,I need plenty of rain,as does the rest of the country!!!!!! - NOT sure what is best winter or summer...although I do love the Oct-April weather.

LadyStarbix said...

I like this...add me on your mailing list, so everytime you post a new update I can read it instantly! :)

er said...

Thanks Lady Starbix,please feel free to pop in whenever you wish.The summer is always a lean time for me writting wise,very busy at work???????? But come the autum & winter,then the dark nights,and plenty of time to ponder and write.

LadyStarbix said...

whereabouts are you, it must either be in a European country.

er said...

Lady Starbix,I live in the land of green grass and rain (most of the time??) the odd summer sun,and the ever changing moods makes the UK a place to behold.Thanks for your comments.