Thursday, 25 December 2008

2 Days Before Christmas !!!!!!!!!!

Nursing a "nasty" injured big toe.
Painful and black,the nail may go !
Accidents happen I hear you say.
Not normally to me,but yesterday !!!!!!
Mind on the job,but head in the clouds.
Walking and talking to myself !
Easing my way through the day.
Then suddenly it "happened" oh I had to pay !!
Watch what your doing,look after yourself.
Stay in good spirits,and keep good health.
Stick to the rules,and you'll never go wrong !
Break them once "And Look What Happens"


Toodles said...

Look left, look right,
then DO!!!!!

er said...

Yep toodles......... I did it!!!!!!
Dropped a concrete block on my toe.
"Thats what you call putting your foot in it !!"