Saturday, 6 December 2008

"Smile" and be "Happy"

The sun is shining !
its a winters day.
NO more rain,well not today.
Time to shop and enjoy the day !
Breakfast first,a hot cup of tea.
Orange juice and bacon that's
for me !
My weekend treat,breakfast in bed !
thanks for that,enough said.
So enjoy the weekend.
Take it all in your stride.
"Smile" and be happy.
AND GET OUT OF BED !!!!!!!!!


SarahA said...

Ha ha ha! Oh these are so good to read on a Sunday morning. Just the tonic.Thanking you, but now I must get on.

er said...

I must try and bottle it! if it makes you feel "Good" it's done it job.We ALL need to be cheered up now and again!!!!!