Saturday, 20 December 2008

" Naughty Santa"

Merry Christmas Rudolf said.
As Santa Clause rolled out of bed !
Your at it again,you drunken git.
And you've dropped us in IT !
The rest of us wont fly tonight.
Your so drunk,and that isn't right !
The boys and girls will be left to pine.
And because of you,we're loosing time !
The Christmas elf's will do the job.
Your getting old you silly sod.
Time and again you've been told.
The time has come ! your out in the cold.
It's Christmas eve,we have to fly.
Places to go,we have to try.
To fill the socks of those girls and boys.
With lots and lots of lovely toys.
So when you hear us call tonight.
Remember Santa ! oh he was a sight.
We left him home drunk in bed.
So have an elf-en Christmas instead !!!!!!!!

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