Monday, 13 October 2008

My Journey So Far !

As the summer curtains have been drawn,and the leaves of autumn start to fall,I sat and tried to understand 2008 so far ! My Long and Winding Road has not been as smooth as it could have been,the year started off as usual cold and damp and nothing out of the ordinary.Then "bang" very early March 19th I was woken by the phone to be told my dad was been taken in to hospital. Four days later he was discharged,but asked to attend clinic the following week,the day arrived,but passed me by in a haze ! Dad had been diagnosed with lung cancer !!!!!!!!! He accepted it saying " If I have to die son,then it's my turn" ( I wish I could have been that strong ) He seemed so well,and bright as a button,then out of the blue his breathing became very erratic and I just knew something was wrong.May 23rd blue lights,off to hospital I call all the family and yep you have guessed "Dad Died" 3.45am May 24th 2008. We as a family struggle every day,I personally try to hide my feelings,but it's hard,as the eldest of 6 and a mother to keep my eye on sometimes I need time to think !!!! So the winding road hit a big hole !,but I managed to drive around the hole and continue without to much hassle.Until the next crack in the road,early August a work college taking a well earned rest at home in his garden collapsed and "Died" he was only 60 !!! He unfortunately had an undiagnosed heart condition,but still a tremendous shock. I carry on with my life,hoping that the year will get better ! Once again a smack in the head ! a friend that I had not seen for more than 25 years got in touch ( that in it's self was great ) BUT the shock here was that radical surgery is on the cards in the next few weeks,what a "SHOCK" But during the last few months there have been a few moments of joy and happiness,my mum had a big birthday 75 and in the last few days my eldest sister made her 50th another milestone ! What will the next 3 months of 2008 bring !!!! - I hope for health and happiness for ALL my family and friends and in particular my friend under going surgery,my thoughts and prayers. So heads up,positive attitude,and stride on towards 2009 with hope and aspirations of a better time ahead.

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