Saturday, 18 October 2008

Has the world gone mad !

Last night my neighbours son ( 22 ) went out with a group of friends. They decided to visit a casino. After a good night,and in good spirts ( a little merry ) they make their exit. The rest is what I have been told by the family ! William and friends leave the casino. They are approached by unknown males. William is punched in the face !!!!!! "WHY" He is knocked to the ground - not sure if he was knocked out "But" the result is................... William has sustained a fractured skull,a bleed on the brain and is on a "Life Support Machine" This afternoon they have operated to relive the pressure on his brian,and bolt it back together. His family are going through "HELL" - Mum,Dad,Brother and sister - and extended family. This is why I ask the question " Has the World gone mad" Best wishes William - hopes and prayers for your speedy recovery.

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