Thursday, 6 November 2008

"Bonfire Delight"

Red,Orange,Gold and Green.
Oh these flames you should have seen!
Crackling wood,a face full of smoke.
A great night out with decent folk.
Off go the rockets with colour for all.
Screaming and wailing just watch them fall.
Out of the sky,they crash to the earth.
These fiery sticks get stuck in the turf.
Next come the candles,burning so bright.
Climbing so high showering us with light.
They've lit up the sky,and turned it to day.
In their own very special colourful way.
It's nearly time,the displays gone well.
Adults and children with grandparents to tell.
Another year over,and a smoke filled sky.
We await next year for another try !!!!!!!!
Remember,Remember,the 5th of November.


Toodles said...

good one er!

er said...

thanks toodles,how about your blog !!!!!!!