Sunday, 4 October 2009

On my weekly visit to my local cemetery to visit my dad's grave, I came across this note written by my teenage son (Matthew)


It's just something I thought I should share!!!!!!!




To Grandad



I know you can't read this yourself!

But it's just a little note, to say

"Thank You" for all the happy times we shared.


Now you have gone, we miss you so much

But you will never be forgotten, you will

Be in our hearts and memory forever.


Well I am off to live in Manchester soon

And only wish you were here too se me off.

But I know you're looking down, and wishing me

All the very best.


So all in all, hope that you're well up there,

Looking down and feeling proud.


R.I.P. Grandad


Love ...... Matty xxxx


Toodles said...

This has taken real courage to write and leave there, knowing that someone may read it,

It really shows how much he misses his Grandad and wishes he was still around to see him off!

Thoughtful, heart wrenching and beautiful!

er said...

Many,many thanks Toodles - it means a lot? He is growing up fast,just been down for the weekend.