Monday, 19 October 2009

One year on!



Twelve months on

It's very hard.

To say we miss you

What use is a card!


It seems like yesterday

That you were here.

Running around

Without any fear!


But now you're gone

To a better place.

Rest your head

With that smile on your face.


William our friend

We'll never forget.

We thank God

For the lad we met.


Your years were short

But your legacy lives on

Through friends and family

You'll go "ON and on"



paulboo said...

This is a very sad story ER, the memories are still fresh after a year but I detect a note of optimism at the end with the memories living on and on. A very good thing indeed.

er said...

Cheers Paul,yeh it was a very sad story - a young lad 22 was killed by a punch and on life support for a week.His mum and dad then had to turn off the machine? I had know this guy for the whole of his very short life,but as you say life will go on.
Thanks for the comment paul.

paulboo said...

That is a terribly sad story and one that reminds me of something similar many years ago, a neighbours son died after a single punch to the head. Apparently he had an unusually thin skull that nobody knew about until after his death, he must have been about the same age as William!!

er said...

Thanks Paul,we never know whats around the corner !!!!! I only hope it's good for us ALL

SarahA said...

That's why we should live our lives to the full. The fullest!

BTW I am plugging a book 'The Shack' by Wm Paul Young. Helped me somewhat with the passing of my friend Blaise.

BTW 2 You want me to post more of my 'oldies'? Oh my! What's that saying about my new Babies? Hmp!

er said...

Sarah,the new babies are great - BUT some of the old ones (that I have not seen)seem very good.Where is "The Book" ?????

SarahA said...

It's more Spiritual than Religious and I would recommend such to anyone who has had a loss in their life.
A lot of the words are on the net, so you can read such before buying. Just 'Google' 'The Shack' by Wm Paul Young.

er said...

Thanks Sarah,I will, look and be in "Deep Thought" for days.