Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Why us!

A grey cloudy November night.

The air was filled with "worry"

Few stars were out.

Why us!

Suddenly a drone filled the air.

The siren started.

And the sky was lit like a Christmas tree.

Why us!

Search lights scanned the black depths.

Picking out our unwanted visitors.

Screaming, whistling, and howling.

Words can't describe the devastation.

That was about to descend on us!!!!!!!

Why us!

This was the night of "Hell"

Our lives would never be the same.

We have to be strong for each other

The tears rolled down my face,

Why us!

Coventry was crushed, on its knees.

They had come to inflict hurt and pain.

And that's just what they did.

One night of terror, one night of horror.

Why us!

The story has been told many times.

We ALL know the outcome of that night.

BUT the "City" and its people were rebuilt.

And we still ask the question.

Why us!


SarahA said...

I am not liking war, but I am thinking you have conveyed the emotions well with your words and the repetition works ten fold.

er said...

A humble gesture on my behalf,I am to young to remember the war
(Just)but my parents told me many stories.

Thanks your comments Sarah

paulboo said...

I think you captured the feeling of being bombed very well, I too have only heard the stories of the Blitz from my Mum and her sister, their Mum and of course other sources.
Their stories were very similar, though less poetically conveyed.

er said...

I am the same as you Paul? never lived through it,but mum and dad and grandparents told me many stories.

War is never nice,but hopefully in the end peace will provale.