Sunday, 25 October 2009

A Winters Tale

People are rushing to and fro.

Hustle and bustle with nowhere to go.

Stores are closing, end of the day.

Time for home I hear you say!

It's late in the evening.

The lights have come on.

The sun has set, but hasn't quite gone!

December is time to wrap up warm.

Home in doors way from the storm.

Ice and snow play a very big part.

On the cover of every Christmas card.

Holly and ivy, red berries too.

It's all part of Christmas that will come to you.

The fire burns bright on Christmas day.

As we sit and watch the children play.

Paints and games sweets and toys.

The look on the faces of those girls and boys.

The lights turned down, they've gone to bed.

But the Christmas spirit is far from dead.

Twenty four hours and they'll start again.

So it's rest and sleep and dream till then.


SarahA said...

'The sun has set, but hasn't quite gone!' My fav of the whole.

er said...

I wrote this some 20 years ago,and found it just the other month.Over the years I just write when it happens,some I keep and some just end up in a jotter???

Thanks once again Sarah