Thursday, 15 October 2009

Autumn Leaves

The autumn leaves are falling

Falling fast to the ground.

Autumn leaves are falling

Without even making a sound?

Red, Gold and brown

A carpet all around.

The leaves, they keep falling

Never making a sound?

But what sound should they make

As they fall to the ground?

The leaves they keep falling

Just listen for the sound?

Soon the snow will cover

This blanket on the ground.

But deep below the surface

These leaves will still be found.

Frozen, stiff and wilted

The leaves are on the ground.

But they'll be back again next year

So listen for that sound?


paulboo said...

Nicely said :o)
The leaves only make a sound when they have been frozen by frost and then trodden on making a nice crunch!!

er said...

They also make a sound when they rustle in the wind? This is a great time of year,I love it.

Thanks Paul

paulboo said...

Love it too, mostly because of the lovely colours :o)

er said...

Yep total agree,only bettered by crisp white snow!!!! This is the beauty of "The Seasons"

Nice One Paul.