Sunday, 25 October 2009

Just let it go

ALONE! this autumn morn.

Wind in the trees, sun in the sky.

Shadows dance on marble stones

And still we wonder why!

Leaves swirl, cones drop.

It's not cold,

It's autumn!

Colours flash by my eyes, so bold!

Heart oval, square and round.

Gifts, tokens of love.

Adorn this ground.

For you and I to see.

I know I ask this question why!

There is NO answer,

NO reason.

Just let it go.

And say "Goodbye"


SarahA said...

One 'nit pik' I am thinking 'too' should be 'to' here. You were typing too fast, right? I do it all the time *sigh*
You always amaze me at you rhymes and how purrrrrrrrrrrfect you manage to get them.

er said...

I wish I could *sigh*? But I am afraid I just never the word too - bad writer "Always Check" your work!!!!!!!!!!

The rhymes just happen,most of my stuff takes a few mins.

Thanks Sarah,