Sunday, 25 October 2009

Save Us!!



Pay your money and walk inside.

I'm sure there's nothing here to hide.

But are we sure I ask myself!

So come with me I hope to show.

Some of the things I think must go!


Tall dark fences many feet high.

Empty pits were they must have died.

So why do we pay! Look and stare.

Because most of us here just don't care!


From overseas they often came.

In crates or baskets, who's to blame!

Why import these beautiful things!

I'm sure we don't know what pain it brings!


Behind these fences bars and walls.

Come loud unhappy blood curdling calls.

Are they happy, are they sad!

I'm sure in my mind it must be bad.


So release the animals, birds and fish

And give us our entire hopeful wish.

Those creatures of the world are free.

To roam the land for ALL to see.


Let's come together and fight the cause.

Start right now don't even pause.

To see these animals walk this land.

I one day hope that Zoo's are banned.



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