Monday, 28 September 2009

Let the Side Show Begin



Step right up

Roll a penny!

Throw a dart!

Hook a duck!

It can't be hard?



Smell the onions

Hotdogs too

Toffee apples


Just for you.



Open your ears

Listen to the sound

Screams of delight

As they go round and round.



Engines purring

Puffing away

Flashing lights

By night or day.



Young or Old

With a smile on their face

Money in their pockets

The "Fair" is the place.






paulboo said...

Don't think I've been to a fair since I was a kid, great memories you've stirred up with these fine words :o)

er said...

Many thanks Paul,I haven't been to a fair for a very long time. But my sister has a hotel in Blackpool and she sends shots of the pleasure beach every now and again. Oh too be a "Child" once again.

paulboo said...

They say old age is a second childhood, something to look forward to at least LOL!!!

er said...

Think I'm aready there ??????

Cheers Paul

Toodles said...

Is the Fair down your way now?
its coming here at the end of the week! Am trying to keep this quiet from others in the family!

er said...

Toodles - tell the family! go out and enjoy the night All the "Fun" of the fair.I have not been for years,but it arrives like clock work when the schools are on half term !!!!!!!!!!!