Sunday, 20 September 2009

"Loving Daughter"

She is your world, or part of it!
She is your heart, the whole of it!
She is your friend, that keeps you sane!
She is your "life" that eases the pain!
She is your mind, body and soul.
She is your "Loving Daughter"


SarahA said...

Yes anyone who has a Daughter will agree with your words.Except when they become teenagers that is!

er said...

Thanks Sarah,yep totaly agree with you,daughters may be a little harder to look after than boy's !!!!!

Thanks for your comment

Toodles said...

I recognise this one and thank you,

this is the one who keeps me going ....Loving Daughter!

er said...

Thanks Toodles,I wrote this for a very good friend! Who has a very "Special Daughter"

That Mother & Daughter bond will grow stronger and stronger as they travel through life together......