Thursday, 17 September 2009

Food for Thought!






My name is Bunter, Billy of course.

That fun loving lad that eats' like a horse.

My stomach is fat, solid and round.

But I move very quietly never making a sound.



Stealing food is an obsession of mine!

To make a feast to have a good time.

When boys and girls are wrapped up tight.

I creep out slowly in the dead of night.



Fat is fun, so people say!

Happy and bubbly you're supposed to stay.

But the truth of the matter is here to see.

Depressed and lonely is all you'll be.



Now I have a friend called Dina-mite.

She's chunky and strong and knows how to fight.

But she too needs to lose some weight.

To fight the flab before it's too late.



So with your help and a guiding arm.

We'd love to try a little health farm.

The clean fresh air would do us good.

And pump us full of fresh new blood.





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