Sunday, 27 December 2009



The End of the Year


The end of the year is coming soon.

Twelve long months, that was full of gloom!

It's been hard, it's been fraught.

In those twelve long months, we've all been hurt!


Recession, Recession is all I hear.

There was nothing here for us to cheer.

So let's look forward, and wave goodbye.

To a year that has hurt, and that's NO lie!


2009 is fading away.

The light is going, the end of the day.

A bright new dawn will rise and shine.

This great "New Year" will come in time.





paulboo said...

I was also glad to see the end of that year, hoping this will be a better one for everyone.

er said...

I think many people are thinking the same ?? 2009 is one of those years that we are ALL glad to see the back of.

Cheers Paul