Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Home alone!

Knife fork spoon plate and cup.
Sat here looking down,or maybe up!
No one here to have a moan.
Because I'm sat "Home Alone"

Diet yogurt,salad and fruit.
A slice of ginger straight off the root.
Into the water see it swirl.
Shimmer and glinting like a pearl.

Not long left till the peace is broken.
Home from the cinema NOT a word spoken.
That's his evening,home work done.
First one home,that's my son.

Wife's on her way,good meal had
Catch up with friends I'm ever so glad.
She's had a rough time these last few months.
The world and the doctors told her a few truths!!

All safe and sound,door shut tight.
Everyone home and the time is right.
Just answered the phone,now time for bed.
I was "Home Alone" but nothing was said?

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