Monday, 2 May 2011

Henry the "Champ"

He was called today by the man above!
A boxing giant with plenty of love.
Fighting like a tiger when in the ring.
An English "Champ" he was the king.

With a body of steel and a wit so sharp.
A fist of iron that made it's mark!
Out of his corner he walked with pride
He was a proud,proud man deep down inside.  

A man called Clay called his bluff!
Back in the 60s - he was tough.
But "Henry's Hammer" did it's job.
And Mr  Clay,well "Henry" was robbed!!

A great career was had by our man.
He became our hero,a boxer with a plan.
His fighting days were long and hard
Bloodied battered and often scared.

We thank you Henry - with all our heart
A patriotic sportsman that gave us a start!
A start to be English,to be driven and strong.
We thank you "Henry" you were not wrong.

R.I.P.    The Great "Henry Cooper"

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