Wednesday, 26 January 2011

"Isn't life "Strange"

Ever had that feeling life's a bitch?
Ever had that urge to scratch that itch?
Ever been told you cant do that?
And sometimes think your been used as a mat?

WELL - It's wake up time!!!!!!!!

Time to stand up and fight again.
Time to stop that nagging pain.
Time to call a spade a spade.
And be that person who will not fade.

It's just little old me letting off steam.
As people take away my dream.
Just be thoughtful,pleasant and nice.
And always remember "Think Twice" !!!

It doesn't take much to be a friend
In fact it's "FREE" 
No need to spend.

Just take the time to ponder in thought
About friends & family you did abort!
Soon you'll see that time will heel
And something "Special" is always real   


Toodles said... what spurred this one?????

er said...

Hi Toodles,hope your well! not sure what spurred this one?just one of those day I supose,we ALL have them from time to time ha ha ha.